Printed Wiring Board (PWB) Design Solutions are Our Expertise

Digital and analog rapid prototypes assembly and small-lot production are what we know best.  As digital and analog technologies present new challenges for PWB design, we complete projects quickly, efficiently, and accurately.  STF Solutions has years of experience in fabrication, component procurement, and assembly. Get it right the first time, completed it fast and on budget.

PWB Assembly Capabilities

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PWB Assembly Process

1. Send Files to STF Solutions

2. Quote in 24 Hours

3. Confirm Files and Order

4. PCB Fabrication Part Procurement

5. Soldering, Testing Quality Control

6. Packaging and Deliver

PWB Assembly Lead Time

The average production time for Printed Circuit Board Assembly is 20-30 production days. 1-10 working days for design turns and 1-15 working days for PCB cycle times.


Extensive Experience with New Product Development (NPD) 

STF Solutions Inc. provides comprehensive new and innovative semiconductor product design and build services.  Our team of U.S.-based engineers build for any industry.  Depending on your needs, we can match our deliverables to your Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) phase and help you meet your product launch date.

Product Development & Build Process

1. Contact STF Solutions

2. Planning Phase

3. Concept & Feasibility

4. Design and Development

5. Source

6. Production

7. Delivery


We Save You Time and Money

Our design, fabrication, and assembly processes are set up for First Pass Success on every project.

Start Your Project Today!

Start Your Project Today!

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